Ducklings and chickens
Cows and lambs


Our beloved Steppes Farm is a unique, granite built 14th century farm, complete with dry moat and turret – stunningly beautiful and blissfully peaceful.

We have lots of horses for you to meet – amongst them are Archie, Thumper and Brightly. Our geese will surely keep you in order and are a delight to watch as they strut around the yard, or preen themselves on their ponds.

Phillip, our Cockerel and his girls are always somewhere looking for food and will sneak into your Cottage if you’re not careful. They are more than willing to eat straight from your hands, or steal the odd sandwich!

At certain times of the year we have lambs to bottle feed, everyone loves to help with the bottle feeding – they are adorable and enjoy a good cuddle.


From the bottom of the fields you can get onto the network of lanes around our farm, or you can just stroll round our footpath, rest and have a chat with the animals, stop by the spa or just wander back to your cottage. Just walking along our lanes is a joy, the banks are so often full of wild flowers.



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